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Stella Line


The Stella Line, Stella for Men and Stella for Women, is the vintage bike for travelling around town in freedom and safety.
Stella provides a unique, thrilling electric bike experience; you will discover all the pleasure of getting around elegantly and conveniently, with a very comfortable ride and the best natural performances of an electric bicycle.
The Stella electric bicycle is simply styled with meticulous attention to every detail. Petrini’s objectives when creating Stella were innovation, technological balance, elegant proportions, strength, safety and quiet operation.

Made in Italy, this all-Italian e-bike, setting out to travel the world’s roads, has a vintage soul and stylish details.
Unique details such as the serial number, bashguard customisable with the owner’s name, LCD speed and charge display and “invisible” battery. All in just 16 kg, a real record in the e-bike world.

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