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Privacy Policy

Italian Legislative Decree 196/03 (hereinafter the “Law”) regulates the use of personal data. Personal data are any data relating to a natural or legal person, organisation or association (hereinafter the “data subject”) which allow the direct or indirect unique identification of the data subject. The use of personal data includes their: acquisition, recording, organisation and storage; – processing, selection, extraction and comparison; – communication and disclosure; – amendment, blocking, deletion and destruction. In principle, and with some specific exceptions, the aforesaid law requires the data subject’s consent to these uses. The law establishes a data protection authority, a body set up to protect data subjects with regard to the use of personal data. The law also requires the data subject to be suitably informed concerning the contents of the law, with particular reference to his or her rights; this information is all contained in this disclaimer.

Personal data for inclusion in our IT and paper databases and those of other parties on behalf of which the disclaimer is provided are acquired directly from the data subject or from third parties. In the first case, the disclaimer is provided to the data subject in person at the time of acquisition of the data; in the other cases, the disclaimer is provided when the data are recorded.

The personal data acquired may be used for: Compliance with obligations under laws, regulations and EU directives (e.g. for the management of relationships with pension and welfare institutes, and communications to supervisory bodies). Fulfilment of contractual, pre-contractual and legal obligations deriving from the relationships with the data subject (e.g. for accounting and fiscal purposes), including disclosure of data to third parties for operating and organisational requirements (such as the provision of IT services, data storage, delivery and payment management).

Fulfilment of procedures relating to participation in unilateral projects run by the company, such as competitions, races, incentive holidays, etc. For the purposes referred to in the previous points, failure to provide the data may render it impossible for the company to establish and/or continue the contract relationship, in whole or in part. Procedures related to the selection procedure prior to the establishment of a contract relationship (e.g. acquisition of curriculum vitae and the compilation of the information-gathering questionnaire).

Access to the services provided by the www.petriniebike.com website. Dispatch, on the request of the data subject, of emails by the www.petriniebike.com website further to the publication of works, comments, reviews or messages of interest from the data subject. Dispatch, on the request of the data subject, of a periodic newsletter on the activities of the www.petriniebike.com website. Dispatch of informative, advertising or promotional material on the business of PETRINI CICLI VIA ALFREDO PANZINI, 25 – 61037 MAROTTA-MONDOLFO (Pesaro Urbino) – ITALY – Tel: (+39) 347 7838967 – Fax: (+39) 0721 96 04 84 – VAT no.: 2582700411.

The law defines sensitive personal data as all data which reveal: – the data subject’s racial and ethnic origin; – religious, philosophical or other beliefs; – political opinions or membership of political, trades union, religious or philosophical associations; – state of health and sex life. The company does not use any sensitive data.

Personal data are processed by means of manual or IT media by procedures in strict compliance with the aforementioned purposes, and in all cases in such a manner as to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the said data. Some procedures for the use of data may be carried out, for the purposes and by the methods set out above, and in compliance with criteria which guarantee confidentiality and security, by companies – which are the data trustees with regard to the uses which they undertake – which provide services necessary for the fulfilment of the contract obligations.

Art. 7 of the Law awards the data subject specific rights. Specifically, the data subject may obtain, from the data controller, confirmation as to whether or not his personal data exist, and the provision to him of the said data in comprehensible form. The data subject may also ask to know the origin of the data and the logic and aims on which the use of the same is based; obtain the deletion, transformation into anonymous form or freezing of data held in breach of the law, and request the updating, correction or, if this is in their interest, the completion of the data. They may also oppose the use of the data on legitimate grounds. Additional information concerning the use and disclosure of your personal data can be requested directly from the offices of PETRINI CICLI VIA ALFREDO PANZINI 25 – 61037 MAROTTA (Pesaro and Urbino) – ITALY – Tel: (+39) 347 7838967 – Fax: (+39) 0721 96 04 84 – VAT no.: 2582700411.

That data controller is PETRINI CICLI VIA ALFREDO PANZINI, 25 61037 MAROTTA-MONDOLFO (Pesaro Urbino) – ITALY – Tel: (+39) 347 7838967 – Fax: (+39) 0721 96 04 84 – VAT no.: 2582700411. Pursuant to article 23 of the Italian Data Protection Law, I, the undersigned, hereby declare that I have read the above disclaimer and give my free, informed consent to the use of my data.