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The following is a list of the products which can be purchased or ordered separately as additional variants to the basic model chosen.

Vintage front light

The vintage front light is an accessory sold separately; the LED light is a very distinctive feature and an extremely elegant plus factor, inspired by the old carbide lamps of the early 20th century. The vintage light is a skilful blend of technology and design, marries history with evolution and gives the Petrini Stella bicycle class and refinement. The light is crafted from a solid piece of light alloy, provides impressive luminosity and carries a serial number.

Accessori Petrini Cicli bici elettrica faro vintage frontale

Rear light

The rear light with 3 red LEDs is an accessory available for separate purchase. Almost invisible, mounted underneath the seat, it is compulsory during on-road use, especially in the evening.


Fanalino posteriore

Pannier bags

The hand-made pannier bag is an accessory for separate purchase. Specifically designed for Petrini e-bikes, it is available in leather, faux leather and/or other materials of excellent quality. With shoulder strap, it becomes an exclusive, elegant shoulder bag, looking more like a couture item than a bike bag. It comes in a choice of two colours, black or honey.

Petrini Cicli bici elettrica accessori borsa doppia posteriore colore miele asportabile
Borse i colori

Personalisable bashguard

The personalisable stainless steel bashguard is an accessory where every purchaser can have their name, or any other text of their choice, laser-engraved.

Corona personalizzaibile

Matching mudguards

The front and rear mudguards coloured to match the frame are accessories for separate purchase, which give the bicycle a touch of sophistication.

Parafanghi anteriori e posteriori in tinta

Rear carrier

The chromed rear carrier is an accessory for separate purchase; designed to take the pannier bags, it is also ideal for transporting light weights.

Portapacchi posteriore

Side stand

The polished aluminium side stand is an accessory for separate purchase. Rugged and elegant, it stows neatly away.

Cavalletto laterale accsessorio

Old style bell

The metal bell is an accessory for separate purchase. It has a retro look but is also very elegant, with minimalist design.

Accessorio Campanello


The black steel lock is an accessory for separate purchase. Secure and very strong, it is easy to use and is produced by a top manufacturer; an essential optional when leaving the bike unattended, especially in town.

Bike cover

The plain grey plastic bike cover is an accessory for separate purchase. Very tough, easy to fit and very well made, this optional is essential, especially when the bike is stored for long periods, protecting it from scratches, dust and water in case of rain.

Stella Parka cover
Copribici Stella Parka_2

The price of every article includes VAT; delivery costs are included in the price. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any information on prices and orders for accessories:
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